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October 14, 2017

Getting Ready for the Big Bad Wolves

I'm happy to finally have a stable release in my hands. Most of the technical bugs of Collared Prey have been squashed, and I will begin to work onto the different paths available (you can vote on my Patreon, or leave me a message).

From the looks of the early votes, I'll probably start with the Wolves of the Forest.

In this scenario, you will have to find out and make your way to the top of the hierarchy, as you seek to become a member of the "Alphas". Somehow, it will run in parallel with the theme of corporate warfare (Onytech's employees), in which people are ready to anything to become the boss.

Still, it's a sexy game, so I'll make sure that such issue are explored in a most carnal fashion, as usual. :)

Wish you well in the meantime of the next patch,


October 6, 2017

The Preys of the Forest

I have been wondering about the evolution of Collared Prey for a while, but now I have been inspired by the addition of other Preys, which serve to add original content for a wider audience (dominant and submissive).

Indeed, I believe that the game is a lot more fun with a wider cast of characters, most of them assuming animalistic roles which nicely fit with the theme of the Forest.

Other areas I'll eventually explore will be the Gambling Hall / Carnival / Casino, where robotics traps and costumed characters will roam; a jungle might also be interesting, as well as other buildings I won't talk about for now.

In any case, I'll be writing about this for the next while, and I'll return to the main story a bit later when the base settings will be fleshed out.

September 25, 2017

Collared Prey is Back!

 (Alright, it has been back for a few weeks now, but I hadn't posted about it yet in this blog.)

I've been previously asked to continue TiW (Transformed in Wonderland), whose story I transformed to create Concubine (which I think was a good thing, in the end). However, I do realize that this old game had a certain open-space element that didn't make it into Concubine (mostly because of the very in-depth storyline of its Romantic plot). After all, it is extremely difficult to twist around a universe where many characters each have their own goals and agenda.

Therefore, I think that Collared Prey (which was one of my old ideas) will better fill this niche, in a way where it has both a linear storyline to advance, but where most of the content will be randomly generated through events in the game (mostly from Captures and Traps).

As I'm looking to take a litle pause from my Fantasy universe, Collared Prey will also help me change my focus toward a Science-Fiction setting, and one where things are not so serious. However, I do also hope to explore a few themes within it, mostly those related to Artificial Intelligence, and future technologies.

Of course, this will also go with a rather sensual setting, to say the least.

In any case, feel free to shoot me questions or comments.