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September 25, 2017

Collared Prey is Back!

 (Alright, it has been back for a few weeks now, but I hadn't posted about it yet in this blog.)

I've been previously asked to continue TiW (Transformed in Wonderland), whose story I transformed to create Concubine (which I think was a good thing, in the end). However, I do realize that this old game had a certain open-space element that didn't make it into Concubine (mostly because of the very in-depth storyline of its Romantic plot). After all, it is extremely difficult to twist around a universe where many characters each have their own goals and agenda.

Therefore, I think that Collared Prey (which was one of my old ideas) will better fill this niche, in a way where it has both a linear storyline to advance, but where most of the content will be randomly generated through events in the game (mostly from Captures and Traps).

As I'm looking to take a litle pause from my Fantasy universe, Collared Prey will also help me change my focus toward a Science-Fiction setting, and one where things are not so serious. However, I do also hope to explore a few themes within it, mostly those related to Artificial Intelligence, and future technologies.

Of course, this will also go with a rather sensual setting, to say the least.

In any case, feel free to shoot me questions or comments.


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